Training Implementation Plan | JSP 822 TNA

A training implementation plan provides a structured approach for the JSP 822 Training Line of Development. It forms part of the mandated deliverables of a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and is usually an annex to the TNA report, it is formed of two documents;

  • A TNA Work Breakdown Structure (word)

  • An MS Project implementation schedule (MOD Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2010 compatible).


JSP 822 DSAT Training Implementation Plan allows stakeholders on the project to think through critical components before beginning, thereby saving time, energy and money. By detailing all critical stages, stakeholders can anticipate factors they otherwise would not consider until encountered and identify potential problems or challenges prior to start-up.

JSP 822 Training Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

To ensure implementation follows a structured path, the various stages of work are broken into packages, known in project management terms as the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

The WBS is a mini report developed as part of the JSP 822 TNA Report containing packages of work to be carried at each stage of implementation, including, but not limited to:

  • Description of the tasks

  • Length of task

  • Location

  • Approximate dates

  • Human and equipment resource requirements

  • Breakdown of work

  • Dependencies

  • Milestones

  • Risks to that WBS package

  • Costs

An example of a single work package for a TNA project is listed below:

Develop a Course Training Plan (CTP) for each Operator and Maintainer course;

  • Input from:

  • Instructors

  • Course designers

  • Course design policy

  • TNA analysts

  • Training providers

  • Course design lead

  • Subject Management Experts (SME)

  • Budgets

  • TNA Steering Group

Each CTP shall contain the following documents that are used by instructors to deliver training:

  • Learning Specifications (LSpecs)

  • Assessments

  • Assessment strategy

  • Course program

  • Practical marking guides

  • Exercise Main Events Lists (MEL)

  • Course administration documents

  • Graphics

  • PowerPoint.



The output is a CTP for each course, which the instructor utilises to deliver training. On completion, each CTP shall contain:

  • LSpecs published to a server

  • Assessments published to a server

  • Assessment strategy published to a server

  • Course program published to a server

  • Practical marking guides published to a server

  • Exercise MEL published to a server

  • Course administration documents published to a serve


Training Risks, Assumptions and Dependencies


  • There is a risk that the key customer personnel responsible for project activities are not available.

  • There is a risk that key stakeholders will not be made aware of their role prior to project start-up.

  • There is a risk that the requirements have not been communicated across the organisation.

  • There is a risk that the Instructional Design team are not available to conduct the work.

  • There is a risk that contractors developing the component parts are reluctant to release information that will facilitate training design.


Training Implementation Schedule

The WBS is articulated within a Training Implementation schedule (developed using MS Project, saved as 2010 so that  the MoD can update it using their standard Enterprise Project Management ((EPM)) application).

An Implementation Schedule is the roll out plan for the Training Line of Development and facilitates bringing the new system into service.

The schedule works back from the Full Operational Capability (FOC) date and contains:

  • IOC as a milestone (description of IOC e.g. 2 of something in service, personal trained and the support package in place).

  • Train the Trainer dates (if the organisation plans deliver its own training via training Instructors who then cascade training to other personal)

  • Approximate dates when contractor training will be delivered and numbers of personal that shall attend.

  • Initial training period and number of personal to be trained for advanced/specialist courses (Operator and Maintainer)

  • Identification of human and equipment resources for roll out training at each stage i.e. upgrades

  • Identification of trained incumbent milestones to meet IOC/FOC

  • Identification of the milestone when all training materials are ready for delivery, known as the Ready for Training Date (RFTD)

  • Course/Instructional Design phase i.e. development of ISpecs, exercise MELs, PowerPoint and lesson plans for each course being delivered

  • Tasks for the development of competency documents i.e. Assessment Strategy (AStrat) and Assessment Specifications (ASpec)

  • Other applicable development periods and milestones i.e. training equipment delivery by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)



An Implementation Plan is delivered as part of the TNA final report, however at this stage it is often high level and includes approximate dates of the tasks/work packages. It should remain a living document and is updated as and when more information becomes available.


JSP 822 Implemntation Plan | Training Schedule